Dear Child Advocate:

I am often asked: “How can I make a difference in the lives of others?”

I always respond with: “Join me and others who serve on the Community Partners of El Paso Board.”

Community Partners of El Paso, Inc. is a volunteer board that promotes child welfare. The rewards are great in helping children. Not only do children face fewer obstacles, but also those of us who care and respond to the needs of children derive overwhelming happiness in our personal lives, knowing that we have made a difference. Someone said to me one time that “Dreams are unfulfilled possibilities.” The possibilities are endless by volunteering to serve as a fellow board member of the Community Partners of El Paso Board.

As we seek to add new members to our board, we would like for you to give us serious consideration. We are a non-profit organization; entirely volunteers with no overhead fees. We serve children with open Child Protective Service (CPS) cases. We are an emergency resource center that assists CPS in meeting the daily needs of abused and neglected children. And, lastly, we are looking for highly empathetic and motivated individuals who are willing to donate a few hours of their time to serve on this board, which is highly respected by the courts and by the El Paso Community.

Our children today face the fallout of difficult economic times. Quite often they cannot speak for themselves, as they are too young. Other times they say too much and are abused. We as a board come together on an on-going basis to surround these children with a circle of caring and concern. It is always good to remember that we were all children once. Someone helped us to become what we are today. Please consider being that “someone” for a child today, so that he or she can become like you tomorrow.

If you would be willing to participate with us, please contact Mrs. Brandi Gurrola at (915) 521-3925. We would be most appreciative to have you as a “Dream Maker.”

Yours truly,

Community Partners of El Paso Board